Terms and Conditions

Services: Traffic-Mondo reserves the right to refuse or delete a member because of abuse or fraud or other improper actions. This one traffic exchange is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year subject to maintenance shutdown, so we can not guarantee that the service is always available. Members: Members are allowed only one account. The registration and the provision of service is free, although you can upgrade your account for additional benefits. This provides Premium members chance to win a greater amount of credits to be used on their websites, to see web pages of other members. Terms Of Modification: TRAFFIC-MONDO You have the right to change these terms at any time. Any change posted, will be immediately valid. It is your responsibility to check often these terms to see if there is any updates. Suspension of Service: Any false information provided when making the record, such as a false name or fraudulent contact information. More than one account for one device or IP. We We consider creating multiple accounts as abuse toward Our system. We finish any multiple accounts. All the Credits will be deleted, and no way to recover credits. Information registration: You must register with your name true. Accounts opened with nicknames, initials, numbers, initials etc ... WILL BE SUSPENDED Without previous warning. Any attempt to compromise security, data integrity, services, or any other fact in these circumstances implies the elimination of the member concerned as well as any legal action possible. To assure the operation of this service for all users, it is required that each site you promote is in accordance with the following : 1. No escape code in the area AutoSurf 2. Pop-ups (more than one), pop-ins, redirects, rotators, automatic downloads, pages with scripts errors, dialog boxes, malicious code or anything that might interfere with the time surfbar or rotation. It is also forbidden to enter links to youtube videos to social networking profiles (Facebook, Hi5, Orkut, etc ...) 3. Inappropriate content, sites with explicit nudity or pedophilia, violent nature or content of any text or material containing any offense or any content that not in accordance with the laws. 4. Suspended pages, under construction or slow loading. Any member modify the page after excluded in our system: include popups, exit programs, rotators, will have their accounts deleted. Credit refund policy: We do NOT offer any kind of credit refund. You agree that the operators TRAFFIC-MONDO tried to do the best to provide and maintain this service indefinitely with positive results, but it are not responsible for events and / or accidents beyond their direct control. Your use of this service implies acceptance of these terms and conditions. Please, make sure you know how the system works before becoming member. The money you pay to promote your account TRAFFIC-MONDO is a partner / member free (Premium). This is NOT a "Investment" or "deposit" the term of the account update here called Premium, is 365 days from the date of acquisition. Payments for the purchase of banner rotation and update member for Premium account are non-refundable. All sites submitted must be acceptable to an audience general international. Sites with adult or offensive content, or Links to these sites are not allowed. By agreeing with these TERMS you also agree, to accept e-mail Traffic-mondo.com reserves the right to delete accounts that are inactive for more than 180 days. Notice: These Terms and conditions are Applicable to any type of account, free of charge or Premium. Members with Premium accounts will not be reimbursed for any amount paid if punished for infringement and / or breach of the terms here constant. . Note: We do not accept sites containing "Exit Page" such as The Million Factory website that paralyzes rotation surf..

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