Privacy Policy

The purpose of this page is to clarify you, visitor and / or member of our seriousness and respect respect your privacy. Thus, we are aware of our privacy policy, you can choose whether or not to provide your data personal. We do not use your data for any other purpose other than to report on news and issues related to Autosurf. Under any circumstances or under any circumstances provide your personal information to third parties because we have total respect your privacy. We are totally against the practice and dissemination of SPAM, to the point that We advise our members to never resort to this practice unethical and disrespectful. Our Traffic-mondo, is committed to combat Spam practice. To report someone Spam, send a message to´┐ŻInclude a copy of the email. What can be considered spam? Any commercial and unsolicited email, mail and direct-mail not prompted, mass email, summarizing any message that advertises goods and services that you send to someone without their consent or without a previous relationship. Spam can also be considered the following: Emails that are addressed to a recipient whose sender does not have a business or previous relationship, or without the express consent of the recipient. Posted messages Discussion groups and forums that are unrelated to the topic of discussion or that are sent / posted excessive way. Requests posted in chat rooms or for groups or individuals by System Instant Messaging, such as ICQ. What It is our Anti-Spam policy ? strictly prohibits the issuance of e-mails not ordered mass of any kind (with our address URL "" and our email addresses, for example "", etc..). We do not We tolerate SPAM and cancel any member's account that does not respect our Anti-Spam policy .

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