Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a traffic exchange?
A traffic exchange like this allows you to receive visitors for your website just by looking at websites of other members! It's a bit like television advertising, how to sit and watch a series of ads of other members, the only difference is that while viewing these ads you earn credits that can be "spent on advertising for its own products and services.

How much?
It's free! You earn credits by viewing the web pages belonging to other members and then "use" these credits, showing their own web pages to other members.

How can I get more credits?
You can also earn more credits per referral. You will get bonus credits for each unique visitor to sign up for your statement! Each time a reference is shown in a different program you will receive 1 credit.

How can you afford to offer a free service?
Most of our members use our free service, but some members want to show your pages more often, or do not have time to see pages and so buy extra credits. We also sell advertising other opportunities such as banner impressions on the site. These sales help to pay the running costs of the traffic exchange.

How many credits can I earn?
With a maximized browser window you earn 1.0 credits for every page that you view. With the minimized browser window you will earn 0.5 credits for every page viewed. Upgraded members earn 1.0 1.2 minimized and maximized.

How long do I have to view each page?
10 seconds. The page changes automatically - you do not have to click anything, that's why we call autosurf!

What is the advantage of upgrading to Premium Member?
When upgrading your account to Premium you will receive a monthly bonus plus extra credits and earn more credits per displayed page. For example, Members Free earn 0.5 credits per page viewed with the minimized browser window, or 1.0 credits per page viewed with the browser window maximized. As a Premium member you earn 1.0 credits minimized and maximized 1.2 credits.

What kind of sites are allowed?
This traffic exchange is designed for people of all ages and therefore the sites must be appropriate for a general audience. We accept every country and in every language sites and we reserve the right to refuse any sites that are inappropriate or that cause problems with the program. In particular, do not allow sites that are, or have: URL Redirection frame offenders Site rotators Pornography or other content deemed unsuitable for all Offensive ages, illegal or racist content Paid-to-Promote sites War Games and similar sites Virus adware, spyware, malware, Trojans Hidden iframes.

How long does it take for my sites are approved?
All sites must be approved by us before we can show them to other members. We tried to check new sites at least once every 24 hours. Sometimes, especially on weekends and holidays, it may take a little longer.

Why my site was suspended?
If your site has been suspended, it was probably because he broke a our rules above.

I can not access the site, or when surf some sites do not appear; what is wrong?
This is probably the question of which we are most requested. The problem is easily solved by deleting all cookies and temporary Internet files in the memory of your PC, plus delete your browser history. It can also help to re-boot your PC after deleting these files. The reason is that, while you are browsing the site you visit can download cookies and files, so that the next time you visit the site it loads faster. This is a normal process, but because with autosurf you can see thousands of websites these buffers on your PC can become full and therefore cause problems with traffic exchanges like this. May also be a corrupted file in one of the memories to delete all temporary files solves the problem.

How can I contact you?
The best way is through the contact form that you find on the site. Click the 'Contact Us' button and type your message. always enter your user code.

The visit is automatically credited to my site?
No. You should put the credits generated in autosurf, distributing them among the sites you are publishing.

How do I allocate my credits?
Sign in to your member area, click "Crediting Sites" see the amount of credits you won and distribute among its sites and click "Allocate".

I never see my site appear in the rotation. Why?
You only loads the pages of other users and vice versa. This way, your credits are used wisely, otherwise you would be spending your credits seeing your own page.

I not received the link to activate my account what should I do?
After completing your registration with a valid email address, you will receive a link for activation of your account. If you do not receive this link within 2 hours, it is likely that your email address has the anti-spam filter in place and therefore does not accept e-mail messages not registered on your list. Check your folder "Spam" or "Junk" they're sure to find the activation link there.

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